Monday, January 26, 2009


I am tickled pink at having been asked a couple weeks ago to contribute a think piece to a series of essays being published by the Smith Institute.
The invitation came via Agriculture and Horticulture Development chairman John Bridge.
The theme of the essays in on Feeding Britain.
They asked me, as Guild chairman, to give up to 2,000 words on my view as to the adequacy of the UK’s current policy framework for sustainable, secure and safe food supplies for the British population.
I've now delivered the piece, but deeply question whether the UK actually has a policy. There's been lots of soundbites and reports, but precious little by way of action south of the border.
Contrast the position with that of Scotland which is developing a national food and drink policy to secure the sector. The Scottish Government has also repeatedly said the focus has to be on productive agriculture, rather than the John Constable-type industry that Defra seems to desire.
The essays are published in March. Happy to send my view to anyone who wants to read it.

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